Missing Link Tech Corp.
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About Us

At 'Missing Link Tech', we view understanding people needs and desires as the key to designing an effective user-friendly products, systems and services.

An expert evaluation is needed to provides in-depth analysis of the human factor in the relationship between people and technology which influence human experience and behavior, including learning, thinking, perception, motivation, and emotion.
'Missing Link Tech' professionals specializes in user driven innovations and offers a new value to customers in diverse areas with novel products, systems and services.

Utilizing our ingenuity, vision and approach, and using the following set of characteristics:

    It is different from other offerings in the market.

    It is a surprise to customers as it is directed at their demands and wishes for today and tomorrow.

    As such, it is based on a deep understanding of the market.

    Creates a superior value proposition for customers thereby making the innovation positively different to others.

    Is based on a business model that creates wealth to one or more businesses.

    Is created in the interaction between a multitude of knowledge areas of which design is (but) one.

'Missing Link Tech' devoted to bring the right thing in the right time to the right place.

Missing Link Tech Corp.